PANGARATI Monastery - Pangarati commune, Neamt county

PANGARATI  Monastery

Pangarati commune, Neamt county. Convent for monks.
Dedication day: “Saint Dumitru”, 26 October.

The location of this monastic establishment was chosen by several nuns in the 15th century. In 1432, during the reign of Ilias Voivode, the son of Alexandru the Good Voivode, a peace-lover monastic resident from Bistrita Monastery came over to the Paru Mountains and founded a hermitage on the premises that derived in name from the monk's name.
In 1461, with the approval of Stefan the Great Voivode, this resident monastic raised the first wooden church (whose patron saint was Great Martyr Demetrius, the Myrrh-Streaming), and consequently founded the first skete, which was set on fire by the Turks sixteen years later (in 1476).
The monastery was founded by Alexandru Lapusneanu Voivode in 1560.
Towards the end of the 16th century, here lived and served monastic residents who had specialized in icon-painting; a few of the icons that were executed by them have fortunately been preserved until now. In 1778, Father Daniil, the abbot of the monastery, sculpted and painted the iconostasis (which can still be seen today) of the church that was located on the upper store of the monastery.
In 1806, Father Macarie, the abbot of the monastery, transformed the cellar into a chapel.
In 1850, Father Barnaba, the abbot of the monastery, had it restored, requesting that the monastic complex be extended. In 1870 there were about forty monastic residents living and serving on the premises. Because some of them longed for peace and solitude, they retired to the Tarcau Skete (which at the time was a metochia of the monastery).
In 1956, the monastery housed the "Stejaru Institute for Geographical, Geological and Biological Researches", and in 1960 it was closed down. Twenty years later (in 1984), it was transformed into a hothouse, a pitiful decision that led to the deterioration of the entire monastic complex.
The former monastic life of the monastery was revived at the beginning of 1990.

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Added: Aug 30, 2010
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