SECU Monastery - Pipirig commune, Neamt county

SECU  Monastery

Pipirig commune, Neamt county. Convent for monks.
Dedication day: “The Beheading of St. Ioan the Baptizer”, 29 August.

The church of the monastic establishment was founded by the high magistrate Nestor Ureche, the father of the renowned chronicler Grigore Ureche. The construction was completed in 1602. Through the tri-apses architectural plan, as well as through the decorative graphically of its facades, the massive construction belongs to the new wave in the architecture of Moldavia which was characteristic of the end of the 16th century. Before the church was constructed, there existed a skete for nuns on the premises, which was mentioned in the historical document that date from the second half of the 16th century; it was called Zosin’s Skete and had a prominent monastic life.
The church was constructed at the end of the 18th century and the diaconikon in the 19th century. The paintings inside the church were completely reconditioned in 1850.
In the cemetery there is a church that dates from 1832.  It was constructed in the expense of Metropolitan Veniamin Costachi, right on the location of the former church that had belonged to Zosin’s Skete. In the burial chamber, which is situated in the pronaos of the church, were interred its founders Nestor Ureche and his wife, Mitrofana.
Here some of the most prestigious hierarchs of the Moldavian Orthodox Church spent a part of their live (Metropolitans Varlaam, Sava, and Ghedeon). The monastic establishment shelters a rich treasure-house that comprises the following religious items, all of them of great patrimonial value: manuscripts, ecclesiastical objects that were made of metal and pieces of embroidery, as well as sacerdotal attire.
After 2000 the chapel “Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra”, which is located within the monastery, has been restored and repainted.

The following skete have been affiliated to the Secu Monastery:
- Annunciation Skete – Nifon – Vanatori commune, Neamt county. Convent for monks. The monastic establishment was founded after 1990.
- Tibucani Skete – Tibucani commune, Neamt county. Convent for monks. The monastic establishment incorporated two church: one that was founded by the Iordache Cantacuzino family (in the 18th century) and restored by Ionita Botez (in the 19th century), whose patron saint is “Mary Magdalene, Myrrh-Bearer and Equal to the Apostles”, and the other one that was constructed under Protosyngelos Gherontie (between 1945 and 1950), whose dedication day is the “Presentation of the Mother of God to the Temple”. In 1871, Ionita Botez also erected a belfry, which rears an inscription in the Slavonic language and which can still exists.
- Protection of the Mother of God Skete – Baiceni village, Iasi county. Convent for monks. The monastic establishment has been founded after 1990.
- Skete of Martyrs Menas, Victor and Vincent – Taciunele Hills, Iasi couny. The monastic establishment was founded in 1990. 

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Added: Aug 30, 2010
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